SENSES. - Images from the Anthroposphere
Exhibition of György Gáti in the Budapest Gallery 28 Aug - 19 Sept 2010


SENSES - Images from the Anthroposphere
Launching György Gáti's photo album

Twisted shapes formed by movements of curtains, huge mass of plastic grocery crates, the shadow of Sigmund Freud... Surfaces of sights wherein our days are passing by. Delusive pictures as they might be instantly enjoyable and understandable for the superficial spectator.

The photo album SENSES - Images from the Anthroposphere was created as a result of the artist's exhibition at the Budapest Gallery in 2010. The searching spectator will find ever new and deeper relations among the minute details. It is true for each picture in itself and it works between the different photos as well.

Gáti, in effect, seeks to leave picture messages for the ages to come - the shapes, colours and surfaces that surround us here, after the turn of the second millennium. What is more, Gáti shows us a unique attitude towards photography: he affects are SENSEs by presenting what is behind and beyond the layers. Going against cheap trends, he does not wish to feed the public with theories and conceptions. He gives them the primal experience of perception. The inimitable surprise of sight.

With its 64 photos and enlarged selections, the size (32x28cm) of the 128-page color photo album reflects the remarkable nature of Gáti's exhibition from two years ago. The book is designed by Johanna Bárd matching the style of Gáti in its overall design, as well as in its individual details. Through its typographical structure, the photographs gain additional meanings, revealing hidden networks of connections. Cropped enlargements from the original frames are also presented, making important and fine details of the large exhibition prints visible.

Essays by critic Miklós Fáy and photo-historian Klára Szarka, on the one hand, navigate the viewer through the images; on the other hand, however, they go far beyond both the album's content and the artist's personality. Their critical writing discusses photography in general. Printed on enameled paper, this hardcover album is published in four languages: Hungarian, English, German, and French.